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At TutorVille, our mission is to foster a lifelong love for learning that extends well beyond the classroom.

While we follow TutorVille’s core mission throughout our daily work, we recognize that some of our families have extenuating circumstances that require additional help.

The TutorVille Foundation – co-founded by Jess Rogers and Mark Kuebler – will extend our mission to specifically support children and their families who are battling cancer. We want to empower them with resources, courage, hope and a sense of normalcy – so that these children don’t fall behind on their educational journey while they focus on winning their battle with cancer. 

Empower, Equip, Educate

During this time more than ever, these children need and deserve a fulsome education.

Our hope is that donations will cover any educational costs that support the student, from tutoring to tuition for private school or college. These gifts can allow tutors to come to the students, wherever they are – whether it be at home or the hospital.

Our goal is to enable these children to focus their attention on beating cancer – and then re-enter school seamlessly. TutorVille Foundation will champion, strengthen and equip these children and their families during a time in their lives that is incomprehensible, making it a little more manageable.

Scholarship Application

We accept applications year-round and grant scholarships on a quarterly basis.
Please reach out with any questions at

Where It All Started

The initial inspiration behind TutorVille Foundation stemmed from work that Jess has done over the years with Candlelighters, as well as a young girl named Peyton Richardson.

In 2014, a family contacted TutorVille after their 8th grader, Peyton, was diagnosed with cancer and was no longer able to attend her private school. They were looking for a program to enroll her in and we were able to offer TutorVille Prep. She spent a year in our program while undergoing treatment and was able to transition back into her previous school for her 9th grade year without missing a beat.

This got Jess to think about how many other children with cancer were having their education affected by their diagnosis. Thus launching the TutorVille Foundation, which provides financial support and scholarships to these families for tutoring, homeschool, tuition or educational materials while in treatment.

Peyton is now in remission and attends Texas Tech University.

The TutorVille Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization under IRS Rules, has exclusive legal control over the contributed assets. All donations are tax deductible. 

Tax ID 88-1663658

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