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Private School + College Prep

TutorVille Private School + College Prep


Is your student planning to apply for private school? Or attending high school and starting to think about college? Have you graduated college and considering opening more doors with a post-graduation certification or degree? TutorVille understands that every student is different and that each family approaches these application processes with different needs and aspirations. Whether it is admissions, applications, essays, interview tips, resume-building or all of the above, we are here to help you! Let us help tell your student’s story in the most fulsome way unique to him or her. Our tutors are equipped with the best tools available to make sure your application best represents your students’ compelling, distinct accomplishments.

  • Assistance choosing the right private school
  • Assistance choosing the right college / university / certification program
  • Assistance with every step of admissions process
  • Assistance connecting, writing essay
  • Interview training + practice
  • Resume-building
  • High school course planning to improve student’s resume, GPA, and transcript
  • Assistance requesting and reviewing recommendation letters
  • Holistic presentation of your student and his/her potential

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